Quarter 4, 2013 I’d start walking your way…..

I’d start walking your way

You’d start walking mine

We’d meet in the middle

‘Neath that old Georgia pine

We’d gain a lot of ground

‘Cause we’d both give a little

And there ain’t no road too long

When you meet in the middle

-Diamond Rio

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2013, my typical review of the past quarter’s financial index performance seems irrelevant given the headline role that Washington’s theatrics have commanded.  Through an abject dearth of leadership, our government once again shut down.  Indeed, leadership has taken a back seat to showmanship, much to the delight of media outlets.  Economic discussions have given way to focusing on who’s to blame, with each side pointing fingers at each other like school kids on the playground.  The words from Diamond Rio’s song “Meet in the Middle” might hold the “secret” to some sort of resolution coming together…more on that in a moment.  Read more……