Election 2012 is Over…what does this mean?

After a seemingly interminable campaign, the 2012 election is now behind us. At a minimum, the election brings an end to the campaign ads, as well as to some of the uncertainty surrounding our nation’s policies for the future. Assuming a continuation of our path coming into the election, investors, savers, business owners and employers of all sizes face a significant group of challenges in the coming year. Accordingly, the pending changes in tax laws, employee benefit plans and retirement account strategies will have an impact on our planning. We look forward to helping you through the coming changes with our goal of providing guidance, clarity and confidence amid these challenging economic times.

Over the past year Cascade has worked to strengthen our resource team particularly in the areas of tax planning, estate planning and employee benefit services. We remain actively engaged on an industry level in an effort to stay on top of pending changes and provide input to lawmakers where appropriate. As new regulations and policies take shape, we have positioned our team to: keep you informed of these changes, explain how they affect you and provide you the information necessary to guide you along the path.

As you are likely aware, the challenges impacting the income and estate tax laws at the end of 2012 are very significant, with taxes for investors potentially tripling in some areas. Likewise, for those who act in 2012 there are substantial planning opportunities that may offer long-term value in your regards to your tax and estate plans. Accordingly, end-of-year planning this year is of particular importance to virtually all investors. Your long term financial success remains our number one priority. We are here to help you evaluate your planning options and to make smart choices regarding your financial well-being.

The challenges faced by our country are not insignificant. However, we have been here be-
fore. Through proactive planning and smart decision making, Cascade can help make sure all opportunities are evaluated and that you remain positioned for long-term success.

We look forward to being of continued service.